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Catapult Crazy! Everything you wanted to know about Catapults including how to build one.

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May 22, 2017 · Just in case one movie about birds catapulting themselves at pigs wasn’t enough, Angry Birds 2 is officially on the way in 2019.

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Catapults have a certain mystique and a very long history. They have been used in warfare and in fun competitions. Here are resources to help you learn more about catapults and how to make them.

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The next two pictures are of a real 15th Century Crossbow – This is in the collection of the Higgins Armory Museum in Massachusetts. I also have more pictures and information about the Higgins Armory here

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How to build the backyard ogre catapult. It is two feet long, easy to build, and powerful.

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I decided to take on my own challenge of incorporating a STEM activity every day for a week. It turned out to be a huge success where both my students and I had a blast.

How fleas and catapults and other similar devices and s use elastic energy storage mechanisms to convert slow muscle energy into faster kinectic energy.

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If you have a precollegeer, toddler, or at home who enjoys stories of knights, castles, catapults and shields, you will love this post. It includes a whole host of play ideas for precollegeers and activities for ren centered on a medieval theme Full disclosure: Kiwi Crate provided me with their Castles & Catapults Kiwi Crate.