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English loose ring snaffle bits with a wide selection of mouthpieces. Find English loose ring snaffle bits from Ovation, Metalab or Happy Mouth at Equestrian Collections.

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Three-Piece bone Snaffle Bit Three-piece mouth with 3/8″ inlaid copper bars. 1-1/2″ copper wrapped bone center. This is a nice mouthpiece to reach the outside pressure points of the bars and, being a three-piece mouthpiece, allows for tongue relief.

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Bits that offer Flexibility. The Beris range is a high quality, non-metal bit brand that comfortably fills a gap in the British lorinery market. Offering a full range of Mullen and Ported mouthed Snaffles, Full Cheeks, Gags, Pelhams, and Tandem bits plus the popular Curb Gag design.

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A Rider’s Guide to Bits and Bitting. This is the only common snaffle bit that does not have any joint at all.

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D Ring Snaffle Bits for Hunter Jumpers, Endurance, or All Purpose. Brand from HorZe, Centaur, or Sta Brite. D Ring Bits at everyday great prices at LoverZ.

My driving pony was becoming very head strong, heavy on the bit and very active with her mouth. I was using a ton thumb single jointed snaffle.

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The oval mouth double jointed snaffle is basically a variant of the French link, with a rounded lozenge instead of a flat spatula joining the two halves of the bit.

After decades of using a loose ring snaffle or a double bridle, I am considering venturing into the modern world. I have a heavy weight maxi cob who has a very soft mouth, large tongue and needs 5.5″..