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5/19/2018. National Small Penis Association member speaks truth to power and stands up to the evil door manufacturing and exit …

Factors affecting the quality and duration of a man’s erection

The next interesting part of her story was about the time she had sex with a man whose penis was nine inches long. The problem, she said, was …

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A Mexican man believed to have the world’s largest penis has officially been registered as disabled. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from the northern town of Saltillo, has an 18.9inch manhood which he created himself by stretching it using weights. But he is now receiving government handouts despite

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The man with the world’s longest penis has rejected the possibility of having a reduction – even if it means he won’t ever have sex. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Saltillo, Mexico, has a penis measuring a colossal 18.9 inches when flaccid – touching his knee. He made headlines worldwide in

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And the hag’s that find it amusing. Is it possible that watching the VIEW drove this woman to commit this crime?

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On your Hello Kitty. (Thanks to Philippe for the submission!)

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